Police officer holding a bullet

Extrajudicial Killings

The shoot of the documentary commenced in Kibera Laini Saba on the story of Carilton Maina who was shot dead while coming back from watching a football match. My experience during this shoot was it was difficult for us to find sources who would narrate the story to us. This is because of the intimidation that they face from the police due to the sensitivity of the story. Some sources were narrating the story but off camera it was hard to convince them to talk on camera, though some accepted but on condition that we won’t reveal their identity.

During our shoot in Mathare some unknown police officers came to where we were doing interviews with some victims who their husbands were killed by police officers. This was one terrifying experience because they asked us what we were doing, there presence there was unknown to us but we still continued with the interview.

We were warned by the people around not to come back again the next day for the shoot for our security purposes.

But generally shooting this documentary made me to learn a lot, be more confident in the field especially when dealing with sensitive issues, remain calm and professional while dealing with some situations especially when you find yourself in a fix. This has made me want to do more stories especially in the area of Social Justice.

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